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Stereoview of interior of Westbrook Congregational Church



The Second Congregational Church of Westbrook was built on Main Street in 1834. The First Congregational Church was on Capisic Street, Stroudwater, in what was then, part of Westbrook. (See Collections Page: Churches).

This interior photo was an early one, since the new church was described as having the choir and the pipe organ in the “singing seats in the rear of the church”. As seen in a later photo (below) the choir and organ was moved to the front of the church, thereby doing away with the practice of the congregation turning it back to the preacher during the singing of hymns. The original stereoview belonged to Mrs. Otis Wyer, a long-time member of the church.

During Urban Renewal in the 1960s, and due to deterioration of both this church and the Warren Congregational Church, those buildings were demolished, and the resulting merger of the congregations erected the present day Westbrook Warren Congregational Church.


wcc2 wccinterior
"Second" Westbrook Congregational Church ...................Later view of interior, with choir and organ in front of congregation

All photographs and information taken from Westbrook Historical Society archives, unless otherwise noted.
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